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Ferro titanium cored wire

Our company's Ferro titanium cored wire implement national standards

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High titanium iron particles 0-2mm

Our company's High titanium iron particles 0-2mm implement national standards

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High titanium iron

Our company's High titanium iron implement national standards

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Ferro Titanium are now sold to Japan and other countries

Globalization strategy

Total cost leadership strategy

The strategy focuses on maintaining the relatively low cost of the product to achieve competitiveness through control of total costs.

Differentiation Strategy

Differentiation means that companies seek long-term competitiveness of products by obtaining “selling points” that are different from competitive products of the same kind.

Centralized strategy

The strategy is to avoid confrontation with big, powerful companies, often focusing on a particular market.

Adaptive strategy

As the market environment changes, the company's business direction and goals are constantly adjusted, rather than deliberately choosing one of the above three types, or called "strategic without strategy."

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about Hengtai

As a

China Ferrotitanium Manufacturers and Ferro titanium powder factory

, JinZhou Hengtai Special Alloy Co.,Ltd is an enterprise manufacturing and distributing special alloys, having high ferrotitanium, medium ferrotitanium and solid calcium metal cored wire as its main products.

The company possesses excellent managing and technical teams as well as competent working staff, from which the company can get its comprehensive competitive power. The advanced production lines equipped with vacuum furnace as its main facility take the leading position among all enterprises in the same field in china.

The company constantly adheres to the spirit of "harmonious, honest, professional and developing" for many years, believes in that the most value of an enterprise is the customers’ satisfaction and trust to the company...

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Development route

JinZhou Hengtai

Implement the "eight-in-one" management to build a take-off platform. “Bahua” refers to: job standardization, process form, management data, talent specialization, marketing position, image socialization, team humanization, and militarization.

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