The first nationwide test of the “bonded iron ore screening” business in Caofeidian area of ​​Hebei Free Trade Pilot Zone is successful

Update: 11-08-2020

On August 6, under the supervision of Caofeidian Custom […]

On August 6, under the supervision of Caofeidian Customs under Shijiazhuang Customs, 5,000 tons of iron ore nuggets stored in bonded warehouses were successfully screened, marking the free trade trial of the innovative "Iron Ore Bonded Screening" initiative in China (Hebei) The Caofeidian area of ​​the district successfully completed the first national ticket test.
"Iron ore bonded screening" refers to the simple classification and classification of iron ore screening in a bonded mode in customs bonded supervision sites. Restricted by mining and transportation conditions, imported iron ore will be partially broken during mining, transportation, and ship unloading, and the average particle size and quality cannot fully meet the requirements of steel companies. It needs to be screened and supplied to domestic companies. Previously, iron ore screening implemented by domestic enterprises was generally carried out after customs clearance of goods. As different steelmaking companies have different requirements for iron ore particle size and quality, the sieved iron ore cannot be used in all production and utilization, resulting in a decrease in the utilization rate of imported iron ore and an increase in enterprise costs.
"Iron Ore Bonded Screening" moves the screening process to bonded warehouses, which not only improves the utilization rate of bonded warehouses, but also provides more supply channels for domestic steel companies, reduces logistics costs for domestic steel companies, and optimizes the delivery of imported ore Quality and better serve domestic steelmaking enterprises.
The relevant person in charge of Shijiazhuang Customs stated that the completion of the first "Iron Ore Bonded Screening" test will boost the diversified development of port business, promote port transformation and upgrading, and further enhance the competitiveness of Caofeidian Port's foreign trade development.