China Hua Metallurgical Longgou II-Ⅲ Ore Belt Prospecting Project Officially Start

Update: 02-07-2020

On the morning of June 26, Huaye, China held the ground […]

On the morning of June 26, Huaye, China held the groundbreaking ceremony of the Jinlonggou II-III ore belt prospecting project. Deputy General Manager Zhang Junheng and Wang Junxin of Qinghai Dachaidan Mining Co., Ltd., Tian Yuping, Director of Lanye Construction Supervision Co., Ltd., and leaders of cooperative units such as Wenzhou Jianfeng Mine Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang High Energy Blasting Engineering Co., Ltd., Kunming Hengchang Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd. attended the event. .
The project took only 8 days from winning the bid to the start of construction, once again showing the good working condition of China Huaye, which is struggling to compete against time and work hard. At the ceremony, China Huaye stated that it would uphold the simple and heavy spirit of China Metallurgical, "no delay, no slackness of the day", inherit and carry forward the spirit of Ma Wanshui, who "stands at the forefront and holds the red flag", insists on walking The road of mechanized and intelligent mine development strives for the construction of "green, environmentally friendly, safe and civilized" sustainable development mine projects. The project department will, as always, devote all efforts to the construction of the project, do a good job in the current work, never forget the commitment and original intention, and provide the owner with satisfactory products and services.
Zhang Junheng, deputy general manager of Qinghai Dachaidan Mining Co., Ltd., affirmed the efforts and achievements of China Huaye Tanjian Mountain Project Department in the past three years, and expressed the title of "Excellent Construction Team". It is hoped that the Tanjian Mountain Project Department will continue its efforts, scientific organization, careful construction, and complete this project safely and smoothly, and switch from prospecting to mining engineering as soon as possible.
With the sound of a skyrocket, the announcement of the commencement of the prospecting project for the Jinlonggou Gold Mine Ⅱ-Ⅲ ore belt marked that the cooperation between China Huaye and Intime Gold Qinghai Dachaidan Mining Co., Ltd. has reached a new level and embarked on a new stage Journey.