Germany launches the first carbon-balanced lithium extraction project

Update: 21-07-2020

Europe is the fastest growing lithium-ion battery produ […]

Europe is the fastest growing lithium-ion battery production center in the world, but the supply of lithium hydroxide, an essential material for battery production, depends entirely on imports. To solve this problem, the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Engine (EIT InnoEnergy) recently announced a partnership with Germany’s emerging lithium exploration company Vulcan Energy Resources Limited (Vulcan) to use carbon balance for the first time Method (carbon-neutral) lithium extraction technology produces lithium in Germany. The establishment of this partnership is part of the implementation of the European Battery Alliance, a strategic industry plan in Europe.
The European Strategic Industry Plan aims to establish an independent, sustainable and resilient battery industry for Europe.
Vulcan's "Zero Carbon Lithium" project will be implemented in the Upper Rhine Rift in the states of Baden-Wuertemberg State and Rhineland-Palatinate State. This area has the largest lithium mine resources in Europe and is also one of the regions rich in lithium resources in the world.
Vulcan will extract the hot lithium-rich brine from the mine to the surface, and then use the thermal energy in the hot brine to combine its company's proprietary technology to extract lithium. The remaining renewable energy is returned to the pipeline as a by-product for sale. The entire lithium extraction process has no carbon emissions, and the obtained lithium products are suitable for various purposes, especially for the production of lithium ion batteries. In contrast, the commercial extraction of salt lake brine lithium has caused great harm to the water supply in water-scarce areas. The mining of pegmatite lithium leads to a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions. The "zero carbon lithium" technology is economical and environmentally friendly.
The European Sustainable Energy Innovation Engine said it will support Vulcan Energy Resources to put this strategic project into practice. In addition to direct investment of more than 100,000 Euros, EuroEngine will continue to assist Vulcan in raising more funds, and at the same time help the company establish political connections with the European battery supply chain, and assist in establishing management teams and training employees.