Ilmenite smelting method

Update: 27-05-2020

The smelting of ilmenite includes sulfuric acid method […]

The smelting of ilmenite includes sulfuric acid method and chlorination method, the two methods are only different in the treatment of titanium ore:
The sulfuric acid method can use lower-grade ilmenite ore, and it can also produce ferrous sulfate at low cost, but the pollution is too large and the by-products are difficult to handle and consume more sulfuric acid; the ore used by the chlorination method has a higher grade and higher cost, There are fewer by-products of pollution and chlorine can be recycled. But both methods turn titanium ore into pure titanium dioxide, and then react the pure titanium dioxide with pure chlorine and coke at high temperature to produce titanium tetrachloride and carbon monoxide, and reduce it to a sponge-like shape with metallic calcium, magnesium or sodium Titanium metal mass production method:
The first step: at high temperature, mix rutile (TiO2) and carbon powder (C) and pass chlorine gas to produce TiCl4 and a combustible gas CO.
Step 2: In an argon (Ar) environment, use excess magnesium (Mg) to react with TiCl4 under heating to produce metallic titanium (argon does not participate in the reaction).

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