What is titanium ore?

Update: 04-04-2019

Titanium ore: China's titanium ore is distributed in mo […]

Titanium ore: China's titanium ore is distributed in more than 10 provinces and autonomous regions. The titanium ore is mainly titanium ore, rutile ore and ilmenite ore in vanadium-titanium magnetite. Titanium in vanadium-titanium magnetite is mainly produced in the Panzhihua area of Sichuan. Rutile mines are mainly produced in Hubei, Henan, Shanxi and other provinces. Ilmenite ore is mainly produced in Hainan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other provinces (regions). The TiO2 reserves of ilmenite are 357 million tons, ranking first in the world. The type of titanium ore deposit is mainly magmatic vanadium-titanium magnetite, followed by sand mine. From the perspective of metallogenic age, primary titanium ore is mainly formed in the Paleozoic, and galvanite is formed in the new generation.