Introduction of titanium ore

Update: 04-04-2019

Titanium: The element symbol Ti, atomic number 22, atom […]

Titanium: The element symbol Ti, atomic number 22, atomic weight 47.87, is located in group IVB of the fourth cycle in the periodic table. Titanium is one of the most widely distributed and abundant abundances (6320×10-6) in the earth's crust, accounting for 0.61% of the earth's crust weight, while titanium resources are second only to iron, aluminum and magnesium. The fourth place is an important raw material for making titanium slag, synthetic rutile, titanium white, titanium sponge, titanium metal and titanium, and electrode coating. Titanium is a typical lithophile element and often occurs as an oxide mineral. There are more than 80 kinds of minerals containing more than 1% TiO2 in the earth's crust, and 15 kinds of industrial value. The main use in China is ilmenite, rutile and titanium magnetite. They are both native (rock) and secondary (weathered residual slope and sedimentary sand).

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