Introduction of ferromanganese

Update: 09-11-2019

Ferromanganese: an iron alloy composed of manganese and […]

Ferromanganese: an iron alloy composed of manganese and iron. Main categories: high carbon ferromanganese (carbon containing 7%), medium carbon ferromanganese (carbon containing 1.0 to 1.5%), low carbon ferromanganese (carbon containing 0.5%), manganese metal, mirror iron, silicon manganese alloy.
In steelmaking, it is used as a deoxidizer and an alloying additive, and is an iron alloy in a large amount. The manganese ore used for smelting ferromanganese is generally required to contain 40 to 50% of manganese, a ratio of manganese to iron of more than 7, and a ratio of phosphorus to manganese of less than 0.003. Before smelting, the manganese carbonate ore should be calcined first, and the fine ore should be sintered to form a block. Ores with high iron and phosphorus content can only be used together, or low-iron and low-phosphorus manganese-rich slag can be obtained by selective reduction. Coke is used as a reducing agent in smelting, and some factories are also equipped with lean coal or anthracite. The auxiliary raw material is mainly lime, and silica is generally added when smelting manganese-silicon alloy.