• Ilmenite form

    Ilmenite form

    Trigonal system, arh = 0.553nm, α = 54 ° 49 '; Z = 2. Or ah = 0.509nm, ch = 1.407nm; Z = 6. It can be regarded as a derivative structure of corundum s...

    20-05-2020 Industry News
  • Ilmenite smelting method

    Ilmenite smelting method

    The smelting of ilmenite includes sulfuric acid method and chlorination method, the two methods are only different in the treatment of titanium ore: T...

    27-05-2020 Industry News
  • Ilmenite industrial application

    Ilmenite industrial application

    Pure titanium is a silver-white metal. Titanium minerals are widely distributed in nature, accounting for about 0.6% of the earth's crust, second only...

    03-06-2020 Industry News