Raw material requirements for making high carbon ferrochrome

Update: 03-04-2020

High carbon ferrochromium suppliers explain: The produc […]

High carbon ferrochromium suppliers explain: The production methods of high carbon ferrochromium include electric furnace method, shaft furnace (blast furnace) method, plasma method and smelting reduction method, and only the use of electric furnace can produce clean alloys. However, if you want to smelt high-quality high-carbon ferrochromium, high-carbon ferrochromium manufacturers must have high requirements for raw materials. The main requirements are as follows:
1. Harmful impurities in raw materials: Impurities in raw materials contain harmful sulfur and phosphorus, if they enter the ferrochrome alloy, it will affect the quality of steel and steel.
2. Whether the raw material particle size is appropriate has a great influence on the smelting process. The excessively large particle size of the raw material makes it difficult to melt, and the reason is difficult. The conductivity increases, the amount of slag increases, the furnace condition deteriorates, and various technical and economic indicators of smelting deteriorate.
3. The grade and purity of raw materials: smelting requires the highest possible grade of raw materials. Raw materials with high purity can achieve the effect of high yield, qualified and low consumption.
4. Drying of raw materials is also very important, especially coke needs to be dried. Coke has large porosity, so it has strong water absorption. The fluctuation of moisture in coke firstly affects the accuracy of the fixed carbon ratio in the charge, and secondly the evaporation of moisture also consumes heat. After the wet coke is broken, its powder often blocks the sieve holes or makes the sieve holes smaller. As a result, the coke powder cannot be sieved down, increasing the powder in the coke. When the wet coke is loaded into the closed furnace, it is easy to block the material tube to produce suspended material. When the material collapses, it will bring in air, and the pressure in the furnace will increase rapidly, which may cause an explosion.


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