Relevant knowledge of the charge structure of blast furnace smelting high-carbon ferrochrome

Update: 21-01-2020

The blast furnace uses high-carbon ferrochrome for the […]

The blast furnace uses high-carbon ferrochrome for the charging materials including: sinter, pellets, natural lump ore, flux and coke. The so-called iron smelting structure technology mainly refers to the proportion of sintered ore, pellet ore and natural lump ore used. The flux is added during the sintering and pellet production process. In the normal production of the blast furnace, the flux is not added separately. The amount of coke varies with the blast furnace smelting conditions.
The charge structure of high-carbon ferrochrome for blast furnaces at home and abroad does not have a fixed pattern. Each blast furnace is selected based on factors such as the natural resources available to the enterprise, the metallurgical properties and physical and chemical composition of iron ore, and the cost of blast furnace ironmaking. As various conditions change, different charge structures will appear at different times.
The ultimate goal of the operation of high-carbon ferrochrome enterprises is to achieve maximum economic benefits and achieve environmental friendliness. In addition to technical factors, the reasonable charge structure of blast furnace ironmaking is mainly a determinant of economic benefits. Select the agglomeration process, technology and equipment according to the metallurgical properties of iron ore. Most iron smelters use multiple sources. The metallurgical properties of various minerals will change. Different combinations will have different effects. Therefore, enterprises should strengthen their research on the metallurgical properties of the mixed iron ore powder.
At present, China has successfully developed a variety of ore to mix, under different mixing conditions, to produce pellets or to produce good computer software for sintered ore. Using scientific methods to evaluate ore processing methods will produce greater economic benefits.