The application of TC4 pure titanium screw and titanium alloy screw and the treatment method of sliding wire

Update: 26-01-2021

Regarding the phenomenon of titanium screw sliding wire […]

Regarding the phenomenon of titanium screw sliding wire, we sometimes encounter the situation of titanium alloy screw overflow, also called sliding wire. Commonly used on bicycles are the threaded holes of aluminum parts such as stems, cranks, and seat rod clamps. Titanium screws It's as good as a pedal axle. The perfect repair method is to ream and tap the titanium screw sleeve, but this process is troublesome and costly. In some places, the size is not rich and cannot be reamed.
The best ways to do it include wrapping a hemp knife, raw material tape, dispensing thread glue or 502, but the result is that the thread is not tightened and it is useless. Now introduce a simple repair method. Useless small tape measure, easy pull buckle and other things at home, as long as it can be retractable, there must be a coil spring inside. Remove the coil spring for use before throwing it away.
If you encounter a titanium screw thread overflow buckle, cut a small coil spring and fold the head, put it in the screw hole of the overflow buckle, and screw the titanium alloy screw directly in. Basically, the original aluminum screw hole can be restored. Tight torque, and can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled, the reed will not fall out. When screwing, you can choose different width coil springs according to the size of the titanium alloy screw hole, or put two coil springs into the titanium alloy screw hole.