What are the ores that smelt high-carbon ferromanganese

Update: 22-02-2020

High-iron ferromanganese manufacturers cannot use ore w […]

High-iron ferromanganese manufacturers cannot use ore when smelting high-carbon ferromanganese. Now we will explain the more commonly used ores:
1. Hematite: Mn3O4 contains 65% ~ 72% manganese. Usually granular, massive aggregates. The color is black, the stripes are reddish brown, the relative density is 4.7 ~ 4.9, and the hardness is about 5. Hematite is an anhydrous mineral, which is a rich manganese in all manganese compounds in nature.
2. Anthracite: The composition is hydrous manganese oxide. Molecular formula rMnO · 1MnO2 · mH2O. The manganese content is about 45 to 60%. Often contains impurities such as iron, calcium, copper, silicon. It is lumpy, grape-like, stalactite, dendritic or soil-like aggregate with smooth surface. The hardness is 5 to 6, and the specific gravity is 3.7 to 4.7. Semi-metallic luster to dull. The color is dark gray to iron black. The streaks are shiny light dark brown and opaque. Brittle, smooth fracture or shell-like.
3. Manganese ore: The chemical composition is MnO2, the manganese content is as high as 63.2%, and it often contains a small amount of water and silica, iron oxide and anthracite. Usually columnar crystals are also needle-shaped, fibrous, and granular. The hardness is 1 to 2.5, and the specific gravity is 4.7 to 4.8. Metallic luster or matt. Available in iron black or light blue black. Streaks are black. Soft sex can contaminate fingers and is opaque.
4. Lignite: Mn2O3 contains 69.9% manganese. Tetragonal system, crystals are conical or pseudo-octahedral crystalline, usually dense block or granular aggregate, color brown black to steel gray, dark brown stripes, fresh ports are uneven, semi-metallic luster, relative density 4.72 -4.83, hardness is 6 ~ 6.5. It is distinguished from other manganese minerals with similar hardness by its high hardness and brown stripes.
5. Manganese ore: The manganese MnO (OH) chemical composition is mainly: MnO 40.0%, MnO2 49.4%, H2O 10.2%. Often contains SiO2, Fe2O3, and trace amounts of Al2O3, CaO and other mixed materials. Manganese ore is an important mineral raw material for refining manganese.